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In addition to subcontracting global language instructors and offering its own courses, Little Linguists offers our curriculum and lesson plans for sale.  Our programs are thematic and incorporate TPR and Total Immersion techniques.  There are step by step lesson plans for the instructor and a wealth of activities based on the theme and vocabulary   Since our curriculum is thematic and follows a specific format, any theme can be implemented at any time.  The goal of all the lessons is to engage the children in communications.  The activities focus on interaction between the students guided by the instructor.  The target age group is K-5th grades.  Our preschool curriculum and lesson plans are in development.  Please check back soon!

Each lesson plan contains roughly eighty pages of activities and instruction.  It includes a letter to parents on what to expect from the program, explanations of how to use the lesson plans and incorporate the instructors' own creativity and experiences and an appendix of everyday vocabulary.  There are a minimum of eight lessons that can be tailored to a 45 minute class to a three hour class depending on the number of activities the instructor chooses.  There is enough freedom for creativity, but enough structure for the instructor to have a good foundation for each class.  The lessons follow Little Linguist's own format which has been developed after ten years of implementation in elementary classrooms across the state.

The lesson plans come in Spanish, French, German and Italian.  They can be translated to additional languages you may require.  We offer nine languages. 

There is an optional student guide for an additional charge per student.  The student guide includes all of the vocabulary, flash cards with the clip art and a translation for the special people at home that may not speak another language.  It also includes everyday vocabulary and fundamental grammar and pronunciation.

Please ask about our teacher workshops.  We would be happy to come to your organization to train your teachers on our methods and format in any language!

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