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Little Linguists, Inc.

Little Linguists, Inc.

Making foreign language learning fun!

History of Little Linguists, Inc.

Little Linguists, Inc. was started in 2001 by Traci Eshelman Ramey.   When pregnant with her first son, she had searched for a play program in Spanish or other languages.  There were some great programs like Kindermusik, Gymkhanna, and Gymboree, but there was no play program that focused on playing in another language.  She started researching and continued to play with her three children in Spanish, French and German.  She started teaching at an after school program, volunteered in the school district and community enrichment programs.  People started to ask for group classes and Little Linguists, Inc. was born.  After 12 years in the making, the idea became a thriving new business that now includes 53 instructors in nine different languages.

About Sra. Ramey...

Traci started her global sales and marketing career in college where she studied in Madrid and Moscow.  She interned with Vita-Mix Corporation where she and her counterpart developed Vita-Mix's global sales and marketing plan.  Upon graduation, PMC Specialties Group (formerly Sherwin William Chemicals) assigned her to South East Asia and Australiasia as their marketing representative where she traveled and managed agents and distributors.  She was promoted to Market Manager of Latin America where she managed agents, distributors, toll manufacturing operations and joint ventures.  In 1996 Traci transferred to SPI Polyols, Inc. where she was the global sales manager for their food and pharmaceutical additives.  In traveling throughout 40 countries in her career, she knew how important it was for her children to have the opportunities in the global work force that was emerging.  She understood how it was critical to offer languages to all children so they could have the advantages that she had in her career.  To this day, that is Little Linguists mission:  To bring the world closer to all students to prepare them for the future.  Traci resides in Pittsburgh with her husband, Mike, and three children, Ben (15), Libby (14) and Abbie (12).

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