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Little Linguists, Inc.

Little Linguists, Inc.

Making foreign language learning fun!

Little Linguists is devoted to bringing the world closer to our children through language, music, culture, food, games and just plain fun!  Little Linguists was founded ten years ago and now offers nine languages throughout 50 locations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  We have more than 40 passionate and dedicated instructors.  Most are native speakers; all have their clearances, are regularly trained and love to share their language and culture.  They are trained in TPR and Total Immersion techniques and follow the Little Linguists' format which emphasizes everyday language, conversation and proper pronunciation.  Our classes are thematic and enable varying levels of fluency in the thematic based sessions. 

Little Linguists provides the following services in nine languages:

  •        Small Group
  •        Private Lessons
  •        Semi-Private
  •        Level Jumping
  •        Online classes
  •        After School Enrichment Programs
  •        Preschool Programs
  •        Curriculum and Lesson Plans for Instructors
  •        Charter School and Private School Global Language Contracting

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